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Corinth High School
Class Of 1962

Deceased Classmate: Cinda Cheryl Albright
Date Of Birth: 11-03-1944
Date Deceased: 10-02-2005
Age at Death: 60
Cause of Death: Probable heart attack
Classmate City: horn lake
Classmate State: MS
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By:

CINDA CHERYL ALBRIGHT – 11/03/1944 – 10/02/2005 Our introduction that fifth grade day was over a game of Jacks. My first words to her were, “You're playing all wrong. Around the World comes before Chicken Coop.” Down my nose I tried to give her my most superior look. She turned those gold-flecked eyes into slits before she said, “I've forgotten more about this game than you'll ever know.” It was love at first sight. In the fifty years that followed I soon came to know there wasn't anything Cinda Albright couldn't do. She was brilliant, but felt no need to flaunt it. Although there were times when her photographic memory made my toes curl. To some offhand observation I'd make she'd be quick to remind me, “That's not what you said in 1974.” Her sense of responsibility was enormous. When she had no choice but to take over the family business, and the many livelihoods that depended on Tri-State Sales, she worked tirelessly to make that business more successful that ever before. Not only for herself, but for all those families that depended upon her. I think we all know how funny she was. People were drawn to Cinda. When we were at Ole Miss our room was always filled with giggling girls. Eventually this led (according to our frothing, bulging-eyed house mother) in the history of the University of Mississippi of being the first two coeds ever campused for a dirty room. I still don't understand why the Albrights made Cinda transfer back to MSCW the following year. Some of you are lucky enough to know she was a gourmet cook and a party giver of the first order. She was so creative—from making gorgeous stained glass windows to painting, anything she tried so could do. She was also the most loyal person I have ever known. If she was your friend, she was your friend no matter if you deserved that friendship or not. She was also so very generous in her own quiet way. I'm sure not even I know all of the people and charities that she helped. Was she perfect? No, of course she wasn't. But she was a superior woman, in mind and in heart. I love her. I miss her and I am so very blessed to have called Cinda Albright my best friend. Judy Lowry Gravenmier


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