We Care

This page is for Classmates to post a need for support and prayers. It is important that we be sensitive to personal requests and respect the wishes of Classmates. If a Classmate wishes to give an explanation that is good but not necessary. The important thing is for the Classmate(s) to know "WE CARE".  

To have a request(s) posted please send a message or e-mail to John Davis or Milton Sandy.

Explain how you want the request to be posted. How long you want it posted based on the situation. Any information or followup to update CM's if desired. Any message of thanks you want posted afterwards.

e-mails: jd - bbtraining@att.net, ms - mlsandy@sixroads.c

John and I are looking for more administrators for our website who might be available to post messages. So at this time in our 70’s we are going to get this kind of message and other sad messages that we need to post. Would love to have suggestions for classmates to help out with posting who have some computer skills


Classmates and Friends

Mary Katherine Franks(Parson), Class of 1962, passed away from cancer on February 25, 2019.  Mary Katherine was buried in a very private service. She is survived by her husband Leslie Parsons and her daughter Paige Parsons.
Our classmate, Gwendolyn English Franks, Sister in Law, advised us of the loss of Mary Katherine and the private service. Kat was Mary's nickname and how she was known by her friends and family.  
Please pray for this sweet woman.

This is a sobering message from Jamey to Donnie about Maynette on FB:

"Donnie I am in the early stages of alz. I am blessed to be in a support group that consists of the patients and the caregivers. I read everything I can about this disease. I belong to an exercise class, do crossword puzzles and other things to help p rolong the next stage as long as possible. Being with friends and just laughing a lot helps so much, This is a frustrating disease to the patient and the caregiver. I have a short term memory. It takes me longer to do tasks.I can not drive long distances. I get upset and frustrated easily. My husband is a wonderful caregiver, he helps me get thru each day. I feel sorry for him for all he has to go thru because of me. It breaks his heart to see me slowly fading away. There are videos on utube called Senior Gems. or Senior Helpers. They are also called Teepa Snow videos. Please watch them. If you are not in a caretakers group, please find one, this is vital for you! This will help you so much! You have to take care of yourself in order for you to take care of Maynette. Both of you are in my prayers and please remember Jimmy and me in yours. Jamey"
Pass this on to classmates.  Pray for Jamey.,  dianne
Donnie asked for our prayers for both he and Maynette. The doctor as suggested he put Maynette in the nursing home but he is not ready to do that. 


We must be ever aware of the events around us that may be of a serious nature to the ones we know and love. It is easy to be in a safe area and read about the devastation and resulting deaths and kinda glance over the news and go on about our business as if a normal day.

People lost not only loved ones but their entire life of memories along with their homes. If you have never been in a situation of this nature then it is hard to understand the disaster.

But you never know when your life altering event will occur. When it does you will be in need of the support, love and "Prayers" of all even if they do not know you.

We are a caring group. Our prayers are working. Just ask your classmates who have been in need. So everyday when you get up say a little prayer for our friends, known and unknown, who live in the devastated states.

You will have a better day we promise with thoughts for others. They will have a better day with thoughts from you.